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Home Uncategorized Choosing the right outfit for Raya!

Choosing the right outfit for Raya!

[title text=”Tips and tricks again! – from, #bateam”]

It’s only days away before Ramadhan comes! And then, RAYA! Don’t lie, we ALL are excited for raya isn’t it? We definitely want to look good and perfect, right? (read : women) hiks.

Okay, here we are at #BAteam wanted to share with you readers about few tips and tricks than can help you a lil bit.

Use loose and comfy.

  • Why loose? Girl, all those ketupat, rendang, lemang, soto and lontong will definitely needs a loose cutting dress >< (we can’t hold ourselves on the first day of raya. Trust me!) Once you have that loose cutting dress, it would definitely be comfy!

Soft material

  • Okay, lets be honest. This is optional okay. But for me, I prefer soft colours because it’s gonna be one hectic day! So we want to look soft and calm in that chaotic day! Hihi

Light and flowy material

  • It’s gonna be hot at our kampong, all the sweats, chaos would acquire us to feel light and flowy. So that we can move around, with no worries! Hiks

A ‘just nice’ length cutting

  • Yes girl, you don’t want your dress to be all over the mud, dirt and all those dry leaves – so, a nice cutting length is a perfect dress for raya!

(optional) – A soft/bold colours that will not have a sweat stain! ><

  • Raya means, photos! Cheers! Excitement! So, we don’t want all those sweat stains could ruin our raya photos, right? Choose colours that could save your day! (and photos) hiks.

Okay, that’s that. We really hope these tips can help you a bit in choosing your baju raya 😉 Happy shopping dearies and have a nice day! <3

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